How TravelCard works


Usually, travel insurance requires you to cover costs yourself, claim when you get home, then wait and worry.  When taking out TravelCard travel insurance, we also give you the option to be sent a TravelCard.

When you take out a policy, we'll ask if you’d like a TravelCard to take on your trip and if you want one, we’ll post you a card. If you have a medical issue overseas or your cash is stolen while you are travelling, you can call our team any time on our reverse charge number: +61 2 7909 2777 for a quick solution and funds are instantly transferred to the TravelCard. Plus if you have purchased our Comprehensive Leisure Cover we can also settle delayed baggage claims in Real-Time.

Here’s how it works for approved claims:

  • If your baggage is delayed, you can call us and we will load the TravelCard with up to $150 so you can buy essential items whilst you wait for your luggage to arrive.
  • If you get sick or injured overseas, contact us and we will load the TravelCard to cover your medical expenses so you can get the treatment you need.
  • If your cash is stolen, give us a call and we will load up the TravelCard in Real-Time with up to $250 to help you whilst you work out details with your bank.

We will send an activation PIN to your mobile phone which allows you to pay expenses for approved claims on the spot so you can get back to enjoying your holiday without being left out of pocket. It's how travel insurance should be.

TravelCard’s Real-Time solution covers you for some of the most common claims made by Australian travellers. For anything else, we will sort those out on your return.